Wizened Oak Leather

I started working leather quite by accident. In high school I was a last minute hire at Gerber Scout Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan. Their Arts director had just quit and they wanted me to fill the spot. The previous director had already set the class schedule and he was teaching a class on leatherworking, this meant that I had to teach leatherworking.

I learned this on a Saturday and at 9 am the following Monday I helped 20 scouts make their first belt while I made my second.

The first week's belts weren't all pretty but they could all hold up a pair of pants.

After the panic of those first few weeks I quickly fell in love with the art form.

I bumbled through my first summer there but I kept at it. Bought my own tools one by one.

The next year I got a little better, and better still the year after that. 9 years later and I guess I never really stopped.